Monday, July 21, 2008

Vivi the Greyhound

A tale to warm the cockles of your heart, if they need warming.
In my excursions around the neighborhood, I encounter many "lost pet" notices. Some have happy endings, like missing kitty Orian, who's owners wrote "Found!" in happy-colored marker on the notices when he was recovered safely. Others, I'm left to wonder about. Did Katie the parrot make it home okay? Did anyone claim the rewards offered for Baghdad the black cat or Molly the Yorkie? There are coyotes around, even in this urban environment, and house pets must make easy prey.
One Saturday morning, I saw a notice for a lost greyhound. It was colorful and looked almost professionally produced. Vivi went missing after having chased a cat and gotten away from her owners, something I guess greyhounds are wont to do, give chase. The notice said she was shy, not to approach her if spotted, that she might be hiding in someone's bushes or under a garage. I didn't think about it a lot, but I paid attention when I was out.
A few weeks later, the notices were tattered, and I wondered what became of Vivi. On the way home from working out one morning, I saw a middle-aged couple with a tall, brindled greyhound taking down the notices. I asked if this was Vivi, and they said no, but that she had been found, dehydrated, exhausted, but basically okay, hiding in a ravine. Missing for twenty days, she had made herself a "scrape" and was seen by someone from their back window. I said I was happy that she was home and safe, and walked away quickly because I was a little embarrassed. I wanted to talk to them more, but I was teary over these stranger's dog, and it seemed silly. Such a little thing, to be glad that someone has their pet back, that this commonplace story has a happy ending, and such a big thing too.


Pants said...

I would wonder, too! I like that Orian's owner wrote "Found!" in happy-colored marker.

That's great that poor Vivi was found. A similar thing happened with my mom's cat eleven years ago (in the middle of a chaotic move). Poor thing was on her own in (freezing cold) Tahoe Donner from August until DECEMBER! She was found completely emaciated, hanging around swimming pool heating equipment. It's great because she was reunited with my mom. And promptly got so fat her belly touched the ground!

Have you ever seen the website (or magazine) Found? I think it may be up your alley.

Susan said...

I read this post a few days ago and meant to comment and didn't. Just the thoughts of losing one of my babies makes me feel sick to my stomach. I love them all so much. So nice that this story had a happy ending.