Monday, June 22, 2009

Upside & Down

A few comments on unemployed cabin life:
  • Upside- Free rent! Down- Bills still have to be paid, which gets tricky with no income.
  • Upside- Wildlife ALL over the place. Down- NSA had the shit scared out of him by a baby bull moose.
  • Upside- Summer in Alaska. Down- The days get shorter from here on.
  • Upside- Quiet and private. Down- Except when Mom's "colorful" friends decide to drop by unannounced.
  • Upside- Freedom. Down- Without structure, I'm kind of falling on my face.


Susan said...

Perhaps this is just a petite neutral zone. I recently came across this book which made a lot of sense to me.

Transitions - William Bridges if you google "transitions" the book is available online to preview through google books

a really good summary - I think you are in big ol'neutral zone. Relax, breath and try to keep enjoying it. Love from us all S & les Gang

Lisa said...

What do you do all day?

Miss Pants said...

That's quite the range of ups and downs! I have a hard time without a real schedule or structure...I work part time and I just now have a schedule for the first time after 1 1/2 years at this job. Maybe that will make it more tolerable? (At least I HOPE it will make it more tolerable.)

Cat said...

Sometimes I think I'd love this lifestyle! And then I want to make something in the micro and I'm like...uuuuhhh maybe not so much. I hope all is well.

Susan said...

Hullo !! How are those Alaskan cats doin' xo S & les Gang

Anonymous said...

Been waiting so long for an update! And i'm
not the only one. God, hope you're hunkered down,
writing that book. Sending very best wishes to hubby
and cats , and to you , of course!


Susan said...

How are those Alaskan kittens doin? We're thinking about you.

xoxo S & les Gang

Anonymous said...


Karen said...

Hope you and the Alaska cats are doing well. Have you made friends with the moose? Good thoughts out to you.

down pillow said...

So are we just making a list, or making some changes?

Susan said...

Bigs hugs right back at ya ! xo S, Missy D, BleetNess, Oliver & Gus

Michèle said...

I just blog-hopped my way to your blog. The up-and-downsides post grabbed my interest and I ended up reading everything backwards back to the beginning. I love the way you kept on going but recognized some joys along the way.

I'm very sorry about your mother dying. My circumstances have been different but I lost my mom to cancer also and empathize with a lot of what you wrote about how you felt/are feeling.

I hope you finish your book and get it published, because I want to read it. Although I'm sympatico with so much you've written, which draws me in, it almost wouldn't matter what you wrote about. I can't read anything anymore that's poorly written (spoiled by the web-iverse), and your writing is a treat. I'm looking forward to more.

I'm raising a glass to a successful, healthy Alaskan sojourn for you and NSA. And the kitties. Here's to your adventure! Salut!

61940go said...

Knock knock, helloooo, just found your blog. Anybody home?