Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Comprehensive List Of Actors From "The Dark Knight Rises" That I Would Totally Do

  1. Christian Bale- Panty dropper!! I'd even forgive him that unbelievably annoying voice.
  2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt- Not a "3rd Rock" fan, but after "The Lookout" he really brought out my inner cougar.
  3. Tom Hardy- Oh yessss...that mouth is reason enough, but I'd also like to touch that body he so lovingly and thoroughly transformed.
  4. Michael Caine- I know he's, ahem, older but he's MICHAEL CAINE! 'Nuff said.
  5. Gary Oldman- From "Sid & Nancy" to "Romeo Is Bleeding," "Immortal Beloved" to "The Fifth Element," major talent. And talent is a wicked turn-on.
  6. Burn Gorman- Looking a little odd lately, but "Torchwood" alone earns him a spot.
  7. Morgan Freeman- Again, AMAZING talent. And I'll bet he's a fantastic kisser.
  8. Liam Neeson- Well, duh. Can imagine being held against the tall, lean length of him...
  9. Daniel Sunjata- Does Christopher Nolan have a thing for guys with hot mouths?
  10. Cillian Murphy- Those gorgeous eyes and "28 Days Later." Also, he plays evil pretty well and I'll bet he has a great imagination.
  11. Christopher Judge- Again with the sexy mouth. "Stargate" and the fact that ebony and ivory skin tones look soooo good together.
  12. Josh Stewart- Plays a baddie, but he's pretty adorable on "Criminal Minds."
  13. Tom Conti- Made the list for sentimentality's sake. I did love "Shirley Valentine."

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Me said...

Liam Neeson - totally with you, but Morgan Freeman? Really?