Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday, Monday

Uneventful weekend, rainy Sunday, but a beautiful morning. NSA slept a lot, I think he's adjusting to the new medication, as well as making up for years of sleep deprivation. The narcotic patch isn't without side effects, he's a little woozy and constipated, but nothing unmanageable. I think he'll adapt.

Finally got around to watching Waitress. I think Netflix must love me very much because I often keep movies a month or longer. I either don't have the time to watch them, or I just don't feel like it. Anyway, I liked it. It was sweet and funny, and Nathan Fillion is about the sexiest Canadian I can think of. Jeremy Sisto's character, Earl, was pretty one-dimensional. I really wanted more of an explanation as to why Jenna was with him and why she stayed so long when he was just an abusive creep, but overall, pretty well-written. I did find myself distracted during Adrienne Shelly's scenes, just because I couldn't help but think about what happened to her.

I'm now19,000 words into my autobiography, which is pretty decent except when you consider that I've been writing it for, oh, about eight years now. I just haven't been serious, haven't been dedicated to writing or to myself, so I'm trying to change that. I think this blog is helping that way, keeping things flowing even when I'm only talking to myself. And action inspires action.

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Susan said...

Hey J. My current fav Canadian actor and oh so sexy as well, in a kinda jail bait, really smart is the new handsome, nerdy sort of way - sigh, he's far too young for moi. Michael Cera - I love every facial expression and every word that comes out of his mouth. I think he's just dreamy and very talented.

That's great that your working again on your autobiography or memoir, I am sure that the blog is helping and I do enjoy reading about you and your life ...

Happy super duper Tuesday. S.