Thursday, November 13, 2008

Reasons To Go, Reasons To Stay

I know you're not supposed to make any important decisions for like, a year after a traumatic event, but NSA and I were considering this one for a quite a while before Mom died, so I'm not sure if that holds true. And I've never been one to just go along with the rules, which is a good and bad thing.

The Pros and Cons of Leaving SoCal and Moving to Colorado:

  1. Living in perpetual summer gets pretty boring.
  2. This job has been getting to me really badly lately,
  3. BUT, it pays well for what I do.
  4. If I quit, there are about 250 things I no longer have to worry about.
  5. If I quit, there are several major things I have to worry about right away. (Like finding a new job.)
  6. Which might be difficult in this economy.
  7. Closer to NSA's family (both a pro and a con.)
  8. Weather/smog conditions better for both of our health in Colorado, but particularly NSA.
  9. Fewer people.
  10. Colorado is now a blue state.
  11. Easier access to green spaces and hiking/biking trails.
  12. Cost of living is less.
  13. Would need a car, which would probably mean
  14. giving up the scooter.
  15. Moving is expensive, time-consuming and stressful.
  16. Winter is not the ideal time to move to Colorado.

I'm torn, but I think that a Spring move to Colorado is probably the best idea, if I can stick it out at this job for another four or five months. So, what do you think? I would really appreciate outside perspectives, particularly from those of you who have lived/are currently living in Colorado. Please share.


Cat said...

I've never lived in Colorado, just visited. Considered it as a possible place to move myself. You could take the next few months and put out some feelers there, see what might be available in the job market right now, have a better idea what you might be up against?

Me said...

Okay, this is soooo not my business, but I feel the need to comment because well...I commented before, I've still been reading, and now I'm kinda attached. Pathetic, okay maybe, but I'm pathetic like that!

Vacation? Leave of absence? Are these options? For now, it would be nice to get a break from that job because it is yucky, I can feel it in your posts. Ultimately, you need to get away from the job. So maybe start looking for another job both here and in Colorado. See what comes up. Like Cat said put out your feelers and see what options you have. I know how it feels to have a job you hate, I've been there, and to have to go there Every Single Fricken day, would make anyone unhappy!

Cat said...

And, can I say, after careful consideration...that moving is FUN. Scary? Hell yes. Fun? Hell yes. Will you be fine in Colorado? Make a living wage? Feed yourselves? Learn a few things? Hell yes. I say, if you both agree on a locale...fucking go for it. Why not? Worst case scenairo, it's a horrible mistake and you hate it. So you move again. Best case scenario? You love it and live there the rest of your days, happily, and in mountainous splendor. Easier said than done, I know. But still. Colorado? How can it possibly be wrong? I'm jealous!

anya said...

Ok J, I really have to comment on this post. I don't know if you have ever come over to my blog, but if you have then you know I've had a love affair with Colorado for 30 years. There are so many great places to live here. In any town from the front range (that would be the cities along I 25) west, you would live in beauty. Almost everything I would have said about moving in general was said by Cat in her second comment. It IS an adventure and maybe it's exactly what you need right now.

If you want to know anything in particular....I know the state well, feel free to email me.

Frankly, in my life, if my husband (former) and I were unhappy, physically or mentally, moving was the best therapy. If you aren't leaving anything you love you've got nothing to lose. Like cat said, you can always go back. I've never done that though. I always found the new grass actually was greener.


p.s. Last week I saw a map of the states where there are still plenty of jobs. One was Colorado.

anya said...

Oh, p.s., I just this minute realized this....have you ever noticed that the first letters of fucked up chick still spell fuc? Was that your clever planning?

Susan said...

I'm so glad Anya commented because I knew that she would have much to add to the Colorado question. One of my favourite old adages has always been

"a change is as good as a rest" and another "really ... what is the worst thing that can happen ?" I do believe in life that one door often has to close before another can open and I agree with Cat - moving can also be thrilling and exciting and there are two of you - which is even better. It sounds to me like it will be a grand adventure. I say leap.

Been piling wood all day with my best friend now it's time for some TV, plain potato chips and diet gingerale. My life is so exciting.

Love ya lots, S, Winnie, Bleet, Oliver & Gus

Lisa said...

I don't live in CO but not far. The worst part for me is the winter. Invest in some long underwear but keep the scooter! There will be plenty of days that it will be perfect for exploring.

Me said...

Okay found something to make you smile, even if for four minutes...check it out.

Michelle said...

I tried going to college after my mother died. I failed out. But I did go back and I am now the first person in my family to have a college degree.
My point is, you will know what to do. If you are going back and forth with this, then it isn't the time to do it. Your heart will tell you when it is time to move. Make sure you move for the right reasons and don't hide behind a list (that is just a way to talk yourself either in or out of something).
So, take the time to breath. Get yourself as together as you can and you will know when you are ready to make a move like that.
Things happen at the right times. Trust me. :)