Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bitter Taste

Feeling frustrated and somewhat antsy, it's been that kind of week. The good news is that I finished the taxes (fucking ON TIME even!) and we'll be getting some money back. The bad news is that my computer did some sort of "memory dump" Saturday, maybe due to a virus or some other hacker shit like that, or maybe because it's a worthless piece of crap. But the end result is I'm worried that I've lost the last four years of my journal and the first 19,000 words of my autobiography. I know that most of the information is backed up, somewhere, but ease of recovery is an issue. Also, there is the nagging thought that it might be due to my former employer, Asshole McBastard, who I Internet modeled for, and who has all of my personal information and a nasty, paranoid disposition. He was always imagining people were out to get him, and he would overreact BADLY to the slightest threat, real or perceived. I can't believe I worked for him as long as I did! I never did anything except earn him boatloads of money, and yet the vindictive dickhead cost me income and lashed out at me when I DARED quit. He's very computer and Internet savvy, and could still be haunting me even though this was years ago, he's just that kind of prick.
I found out about him mostly because it's hard to hide a psycho, pistol-carrying girlfriend, and because he was careless about most things, including leaving his head meds around. I gradually realized exactly how paranoid and screwed up he was, and what I had gotten myself into, but by that time, all I could do was try to minimize the fallout. He has all of my personal information, a model's release, and there is the distinct possibility that he recorded me without permission. Am I worried that all of this will come back to bite me on the ass? Oh yes. But worrying really is of no use. Right now I just need to figure out what I can do to recover my files and prevent this shit from happening again. Maybe I need a new computer too.
Ending on an "up" note: It's gorgeously sunny, perfect open-toe shoe weather. I really like the new Unlimited Mulberry lip color I bought yesterday, and I want to pick up a copy of the latest In Style magazine because I adore the haircut Renee Zellweger has on the cover. NSA and I had a rare and pleasant dinner out last night. We went to an upscale diner nearby, and their onion rings were fantastic, perfectly crunchy and not too oily.


Melliferous Pants said...

What a horrifically frustrating week. I can't imagine losing 19,000 words of an autobiography: that's blood, sweat and tears! I hope your week gets better.

Lisa said...

I assume you must have a firewall, right? You might consider paying a little more for the kind that allows you to track IP's and logs entry attempts. Then maybe you will know for sure.
Mean people suck.

Anonymous said...

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