Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Currently Enjoying

  • The April issue of InStyle. I'm not a huge fan of women's magazines since they're generally so overloaded with ads (why would I want to pay for ads? even the articles are advertorials!), but I like the fashion and the colors and it makes me feel girlie.
  • Tadpoles! My dwarf frogs have laid eggs before, but none, to my knowledge, have ever hatched. Now I've spent more money (special food, protective net) on five little wigglers than it would have cost me to buy five more frogs. And I don't even want five more frogs! Oh well. If they survive, maybe I can find them a good home.
  • CQ French Pink nail polish. I hate fussing with my nails, they tear and catch and never look good, but this stuff is slightly matte and barely pink, so even when it chips or flakes, you can't really tell. Yay! for low-maintenance nails.
  • Sharon's Lemon Sorbet. Yum, yum, yum!! Wicked tasty, fat-free and only 130 calories a serving. Which means I can eat the better part of a pint, like I did last night, and not feel like a bloated cow.
  • Pink and yellow roses. The rosebushes outside my office are particularly lovely this year, with huge, fragrant blossoms that vary in shading from pale yellow to perfect pink. They have that essential tea-rose scent that makes me close my eyes and remember a lovely summer day at a seaside village in Denmark.


Melliferous Pants said...

How nice to have rose bushes outside your office window!

I am relieved to see spring has poked it's head out this week. It's about time!

Susan said...

OMG I love the dwarf frog babies. how sweet ! I remember as a child I collected tadpoles from ponds and I thought they were the coolest things. If only I lived closer I would adopt two of them.

I must say that is a delightful combination of things that you are currently enjoying.

ps the book Romancing the Ordinary does have it's fair share of frou frou-ness - I think Sarah Ban Breathnach is a very girley woman in that vintage lace, long flowing skirts kinda way ( I picture her to be a lot like Jane Seymour) - however the book is absolutely filled with amazing everything-ness from recipes to appreciating the rain to the healing power of crying and tears ...and on and on and such a thoughtful gift pour moi.

xo, from birds a chirping and sun a shinin' Nova Scotia, S & Winn

Kathy said...

Oooh, and I am currently enjoying that entire list...I'll put a couple of those items on my next grocery list...minus the frogs. ;)