Friday, March 27, 2009

Desperately Seeking Dynamo

So, it's been an eventful couple of weeks, to say the least, and my blogging has suffered for it. Last week, Yin Yin was sick, like reallyreally sick, and although I took her to the vet and he put her on antibiotics, I wasn't trusting him. I know I was being a little crazy and irrational, but the thought of losing Mom's sweet little cat was almost too much for me to bear, I got crumbly around the edges. She's okay now, some expensive intestinal nastiness, but dealing with it seriously did me in for a few days.
A few things came to an ugly head at work. I was quitting anyway, put in my notice Monday, but the shit that went on before that was more than just the final straw, more like the final log- the final fucking Sequoia!- and while I'm not going into details, it was just a huge mess that I shouldn't have had to deal with in the first place, it should never have been allowed to get so out of hand. Knowing that I only have a week left has done me a world of good. And while leaving a decent job with good benefits makes me afraid, especially in this economy, it's also helped me sleep better at night.
All of this to say, we'll be packing boxes and moving very soon, and my inner dynamo seems to have gone missing. She's usually pretty reliable; an energetic, if slightly disorganized being who manages to get things done just before the final deadline. She hasn't shown her frenetic face yet, but then, it's not quite crunch time, and she might need to be bribed with double-lattes and promises of a nice vacation. Or maybe she needs a couple Xenadrine with a Rockstar chaser, she's not gettin' any younger after all.


Susan said...

Hear ya ! she must be good friends with M. Invincible who flits in & out of my life without a care ... she often packs up and leaves whenever she feels like it and often when I need her the most - then arrives back on the doorstep when I least expect her completely out of the blue, bearing gifts from her travels. I'm always happy to see her ... if only she'd stay awhile.

Are you flying ? driving ? Wouldn't the drive be spectacular but I suppose difficult with les Chats in tow. I do hope you'll give us your itinerary ... so we can be thinking of you.

lots O' love,
S, Missy D, Nessy Ness, Ver & Mr. Mr

Sass said...

She'll show up just at the moment you feel like throwing in the towel. At least that's what happens for me, and I have a feeling you and I are a lot alike in some respects.

Thinking of you...

anya said...

I was always like that....performing at top form when the closeness of the deadline began pumping huge doses of adrenalin into my trudging pace. Well, hell. It worked so I can't complain. You'll get it done too.

Yes, like Susan asked, are you driving? My ex and I always wanted to make that drive in a motor home, but never did. I love the idea of Alaska. Those long summer days would be marvelous, I think, though the long winter nights would take some getting used to. But you must have learned to cope with that.

I hope you can get the net in your little house if it isn't there already. We will love hearing about your settling in and making a go of it there. You know that's fascinating blog material (though yours are always fascinating).

apathetic bliss said...

don't ya worry the dynamo will be there when you need her!
and liberation is fabulous...fuck the job!

Lisa said...

I'm glad to hear that you are getting out of there!

Cat said...

when do you leave? so sorry about the crazy bad week you had there. ugh.

Blogking said...

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