Friday, February 12, 2010


Ok, a counterpoint to the global warming deniers out there, who point to the huge-ass snow dump on Washington, D. C. as evidence that the atmosphere is indeed not warming; it's 36 degrees and raining here currently. In ALASKA! In FEBRUARY! Do I have to point out just how fucking weird that is?? This winter has been so mild that the pavement is bare in a lot of places, when it might reasonably be expected to be coated in two inches of ice. I think that the studded tires on my truck are doing more harm than good. It's WEIRD, people, and rather worrisome. Not that I'm not enjoying it, because this kind of weather is more suited to the end of March, and it's probably saved my marriage (for now, at least), but warm and dry AREN'T Alaska. And I like polar bears, and wild salmon, even permafrost has it's advantages. If I want warm and dry, I'll move back to California.

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Lisa said...

Why is it that Republicans always want to dispute global warming? Isn't enough that common sense tells us that we shouldn't pollute our planet?