Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nasty Little BASTARD!

A few days ago, a client comes into my office and proceeds to chew my ass ROYALLY! Screaming and swearing and practically hopping up and down he's so angry. I'm rather flabbergasted at this rat's asshole, especially since his complaint is completely without merit, but I manage to keep it together, for about ninety seconds. Then I let loose on him, minus the swearing, and escort him out of my office. I was completely rude. After I shut the door in his face, I immediately called and left my supervisor a message to let her know what went on. Then, I called our lawyer just to make sure I was in the clear. The attorney was very reassuring, stating that even if the client's complaint was legitimate, that's no excuse for (dumping a pile of shit on me) abusive behavior, and that his actions were borderline criminal.
My supervisor returned my call, sounding a little nervous and saying that she'd have to talk to the higher-ups about the incident, which made me nervous and antsy, since I didn't feel like I'd done anything wrong, but sometimes you get fired even when you haven't done anything wrong. And so I waited to see how this would turn out, not sleeping well, reprimanding myself, and obliterating my right pinkie nail with my teeth.
Yesterday afternoon, I get a call, my supervisor wants to see me in her office first thing in the morning. And I'm thinking this is not a good sign. Usually we communicate through phone and email, a face-to-face meeting is rare. So I get to her office and she does this thing where she looks you over from head-to-toe, not subtly I might add, and either says "You look nice today," or says nothing at all, which you can take to mean she thinks cat puke looks better than what you're wearing. This day, she likes my outfit. And then she wants to chat, haven't seen you in a while, how's the family, blah, blah, blah. And the whole time, I'm just waiting for the axe to fall. But it doesn't. Instead of the write-up or, at the very least, verbal reprimand that I was expecting (and sort of felt I almost deserved), she tells me that she's sending a letter to the client about how abuse of the associates will not be tolerated and if he doesn't behave civilly in the future, then he can take his business elsewhere. YESSSSS!! Score one for me against the little shitheads of the world. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to provoke the Napoleonic douchebag into going off on me again so that I won't have to deal with his vile self any more.

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scott said...

fight fire with fire, you should have let IT say all the stuff that IT needed to, then, right in IT'S face, explain your situation as profanely as you can, pointing RIGHT at it wiht your finger, getting so close IT can smell your anger in your breath, get yourslf blue in the face and IT should fck off scurrying back to it's home under the bridge .
And on his way out, I'd add "fix this without a lawyer if you're MAN enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

That's what I would do anyway :-))

I hope you enjoy readin gthis as much as I enjoyed typing it