Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Partially Hydrogenated

Ok, so I wasn't paying attention when I bought some bake mixes that were on sale. And since they were on sale, I bought more than I usually would. I mean, we like cake and muffins, I make pretty good reduced-fat versions, and the expiration dates are far off. That should have been the clue. Fuck Pillsbury, and Betty Crocker too, with their partially-hydrogenated crap!! I didn't realize that the stuff is banned in some European markets, and yet American companies can still get away with feeding us unhealthy shit. Oh, but there's no trans fat, which is really bad for you, there's only partially hydrogenated. Which is like saying, well, we'll kick you in the nuts with our sock feet. Gee, thanks.
Oh well, my bad, I've got to read the labels more carefully. I guess I'll donate it to our local food bank, can't bring myself to throw it away, at least someone more desperate than I won't have to pay for the shit.

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