Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh, Johnny Boy

Words can't adequately express how glad I am that John Edwards didn't win the Democratic nomination, only to reveal himself as a liar and adulterer. Not that I care, I mean, morally I think sexual indiscretions are primarily the concern of those involved and not a measure of leadership or political savvy. Far less damning than being corrupt. But so many Americans do care, at least publicly. I did view Edwards as being the most electable of the Dems running, and I would have voted for him, but I will happily vote for Obama (and would have unhappily voted for Hillary), because the possibility of four more years of the current state of the nation scares the living shit out of me. McCain is just more of the same, only slightly less to the right than Bush, and temperamental, a sort of Cheney-lite. I don't think he will do any good for the economy or foreign policy, and if he's elected, I think the U.S. will continue to decline, both internally, and in international esteem.


Susan said...

Hey J, Warning - rant ahead ...

I was watching favourite show Jon Stewart the other night and this night's show had clips and bits from both Obama's and McCain's flip flopping, ever changing energy (to drill offshore or not to drill offshore) policies. They showed McCAin at a outdoor Harley bike convention. His voice from the stage soon was completely drowned out by the sounds of thousands of revving Harley engines. McCain turns to his Barbie doll wife and says to the crowd "Now that's the sound of ... Freedom". Yikes !!

Considering the state of the world and this energy crisis we are all in together. He seems almost as scary as George W ... and that's pretty darned scary.

Love Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert !!! and we up North are glued to this election, as is most of the world I'm sure.

xo, S. Winn and all those cats.

Lisa said...

I also fear McCain.

Sass said...

Well said.

Very, very, well said.