Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An Accurate Representation of My Current State of Mind

I'm sitting on the office floor, picking all my favorites out of the candy dish, because that's the frame of mind I'm in. Wanting massive amounts of what's not good for me, and feeling selfish enough to take it. I've put on a few pounds lately, and I don't wonder why. At least this decision is easy to make, unlike the next few months of uncertainty I'm facing. Sometimes, I find I need the littlest act of control to keep me from going completely batshit.


Susan said...

Hey J you haven't been stopping by for coffee & a comment ... and your absence has been noted. Sweet Cheeks & Mr. Ver wanted me to write and make sure everything is OK with you, NSA & cats. We're waiting for another snow storm to arrive.

love, S, miss D, Bleet, Oliver & the L'il Man

Lisa said...

Change is scary. Candy makes it better. Makes sense to me.