Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Three 80's Songs and Their Specific Meaning To Me

I'm dedicating this post to Lisa, because I've been reading through her archives and she's brought up some very good memories that I don't want to forget to share. Because that's what ends up happening. I have really, really good ideas for a post, and if I don't write them down, they disappear forever, or sometimes resurface when that part of my brain gets jarred. Anyway, a few music-related memories.

  1. Relax- Frankie Goes To Hollywood- I first heard this overtly naughty, incredibly danceable song at a campground in Masseret, France. We spent part of the summer there, and I befriended several girls around my age. I loved feeling exotic simply because I was American. On one of our last evenings, a DJ in a van showed up and parked next to the covered picnic area. I don't remember what else he played that night, but I remember the group of us dancing to this song, the horrible fluorescent lighting above the ugly concrete, and having the prescient/poignant feeling that this was a moment I'd remember always. And it is.
  2. Here Comes The Rain Again- The Eurythmics- I was standing by the bar of Bob's Youth Hostel in Amsterdam when the woman behind the counter put this song on. I was absolutely mesmerized. I begged her to play it again, and she said she would later, then never did. I made sure I got the band's name, and when we got back to the States, I bought Touch, on vinyl.
  3. Wouldn't It Be Good- Nik Kershaw- A Danish girl named Marina played this for me in her bedroom. We were visiting a boyfriend of Mom's in the country outside of Dragor, Denmark. Marina was stunned that I hadn't heard it before, but I explained that Alaska was pretty remote, isolated from just about everything. She wanted to visit Alaska, but, to my knowledge, never did. I couldn't find any Nik Kershaw at the local record shop, but I was thrilled a couple of years later when Pretty In Pink came out, and bought the soundtrack specifically for this song.


Sass said...

There are so many songs for me.

The one that always hits me sideways when I hear it is Bob Seger's "Turn the Page."

It was playing as my oldest brother walked away down a dark street, on a foggy night, in St. Louis. He was leaving for basic training. I was 7.

You always get me thinkin', ya know...

Lisa said...

Oh, J, thank you! You just totally made my week. I absolutely love this. And on top if it, the last time I looked for Nik Kershaw, I couldn't find him. But now - now I can have that song again!

Susan said...

The entire Welcome to the Pleasuredome album was great and I had totally forgotten about that Nick Kershaw song. Just watched the video on youtube - wow what great hair. Merci for the memories. My favourite Annie & Eurythmics song's were Thorn in My Side and Brand New Day both became anthems for sad, hurtful break-ups... love 80's music a very happy and exciting time in my life.

xo S, Miss D, Nessie, Ver & the L'il Man

Me said...

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - This has forced me to go looking for the CD and listen to it today.

MLou said...

I love those songs. When I am reincarnated I want to come back as Annie Lennox.
There is a dog named Frankie on our street and we always call her by her full name: "Frankie goes to Hollywood"...sung to the music of course.

Lisa said...

I had forgotten about Annie Lennox. She was so great. I'm going to have to look up Nik Kershaw.

Greenfingers said...

They all remind me of my colourful 80's! I was a huge fan of Frankie but never did get the T-shirt!

Susan said...

Winnie D and I strolled around this little village early this morning and I was singin' to her (under my breath)

Wouldn't it be good if we could
wish ourselves away.

Wouldn't it be good to be on your side...
grass is always greener over there.

Wouldn't it be great if we could live
without a care.

She loves it when I sing to her (Jake & Em loved it to) and what ya know - turns out she especially loves hits from the 80's.

Happy weekend xo S, Miss D avec les chats

Eliz said...

The entire "Pretty in Pink" soundtrack is chockablock full of memories for me. Thanks for the reminder.