Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Complaint #37,184

It seems like my favorite T.V. shows inevitably get cancelled. Yeah, yeah, I know, totally first-world problem, and while there is so much else I could be thinking or blogging about, this has been on my mind. Because I reallyreally liked Pushing Daisies, it was sweet and whimsical with touches of black humor, and the visual style was bold and unique, probably more akin to children's programming than shows aimed at a higher age demographic (and I wonder what that says about me...). It wasn't all great, the circus episode was stoo-pid, but there are lines that I will be quoting for years to come. Chi McBride, as the acerbic P.I., Emerson Cod- (patting pockets) "Now, where's that rat's ass I could give?"
And it's not just Pushing Daisies, it's it's like, you know..., and Undeclared, and Significant Others. It's Titus, Dead Like Me, and The Comeback. It's that my tastes often don't seem to match those of the general public, which probably isn't a bad thing, but does get disappointing. Disappointing because crap like Survivor is a huge hit and goes on for years and years, while Firefly lasts a mere fifteen episodes. Oh well, I can always take refuge in the endless syndication of Law & Order.


Lisa said...

I liked "Dead Like Me" but I have never watched the other things you mentioned. I did see "Survivor" once and it wasn't my thing.

Have you watched "Six Feet Under"? That's one of the best.

How about "Weeds" and "Dexter"?

Cat said...

I miss Men In Tress. Horrible show, but I couldn't get enough of it.

LiLu said...

Can I please add Arrested Development to this list? Freaks and Geeks as well. Argh!

Susan said...

Gee J, just a note to say I thought your comment about the nattering perfectionist was totally bang on I forget sometimes about her - even though she's always here bossing me around.

I only Pushing Daisies once but I really like it.

love from tout la Gang

Random Real Estate said...

Thank you for the add as a follower!!!
I have also located the link you asked for and posted it under the quiz.

BTW, I am with Lisa on Weeds and Dexter although I am not current on Weeds.