Tuesday, September 2, 2008

No Thinking, Just Doing

I'm not in a good place today. The long weekend wasn't relaxing, it was just more personal bullshit. NSA leaves Saturday to visit his family, for how long has yet to be determined. I'm just floating, getting some work done, not tying myself up in knots like I could be. I remind myself that nothing's permanent. And, for today at least, no thinking, just doing. Mindlessness can be a good thing.
(Check back later in the week when I might have something more interesting to say. No guarantees though.)


amy said...

Was your weekend as ridiculously long and as bullshit filled as mine? My weekend recovery is all about my couch and ABC Family, the channel for dumbshits. I attempted to watch The Hills, but even that felt too deep for my feeble mind.

I hope you feel better soon!

Pants said...

I need to remind myself that nothing is permanent. Hope we both feel better soon!

Susan said...

Thinking about you up here in NS.
lots of hugs and love from tout la gang.

megatropolis said...

Please tell me how to do the mindless thing cuz I need to LOSE some unneeded focus. Grrr.