Sunday, September 7, 2008

Random Bits II

Last week I encountered no less than three people going the wrong way on one-way streets. This isn't really a big deal on my scooter, since the streets aren't that tight, but it's still kind of amazing. One was a guy on a red motorcyle who looked like he really didn't give a damn, maybe he's a cop's kid or something. Hell, maybe he's a cop. Next was a Hispanic guy in a work truck looking confused and anxious. Last was a small woman in a large SUV who still gave me attitude even after she knew she was in the wrong, like it's worth risking someone's life because you weren't paying attention.

Here's a news flash: If you want people to use public transportation, it has to be reliable. And don't tell me it can't be done, especially in SoCal, when weather is almost never a factor. I hate seeing billboards and PSAs encouraging the use of a system that is SHIT. I mean, it is a severe annoyance when buses are supposed to run every fifteen minutes, and you wait for half an hour only to have TWO of the same bus arrive simultaneously. Other cities and countries somehow manage to have decent public transportation, why can't we?

Strawberries are finally down to a decent price. They're grown ten miles from here, so why have they been $3.99 a quart for most of the summer? That's what I'd expect to pay in winter.

At McDonald's a few days ago, this lady with a deeply Southern accent almost made me laugh out loud when she asked for a glass of "ass-water." Well, it was actually more like "ahhss-water," but still, brought to mind all sorts of unpleasant images.


Pants said...

A few weeks ago I saw a person pull onto a main road (three lanes each side), driving the wrong direction, to drop a fucking letter in a MAIL BOX. Because it's so difficult to walk ten feet to the mail box from the parking lot. Proving my point: people are lazy assholes.

Anonymous said...

The only reliable public transportation I've ever found was in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The bus doesn't come to a complete stop when you get off, but other than that, it's a tight operation.

You should try ass water. You might like it!

anna said...

I am giggling at "asswater."