Thursday, December 11, 2008

In A "P" Mood

...meaning, pathetic, pitiful and pissy. Also pretty, but pimply too (WHY is my back breaking out? And my neck? I didn't have these problems when I was a teen...) I'm also stressed, but in this case, "put-upon" is a better phrase. I know that even with everything that's gone on this year, I have a lot to be thankful for, there's so much goodness and beauty in the world, but it's hard to see when you feel eaten up by fear and worry. And the holidays remind me of a lot of bad shit; old arguments and dashed hopes and the constant thought that next year will be better. There are good memories too, but right now, my mind bends towards the bad.
It's weird, and hopeful, that while economically, things are tough and people are struggling, I've never seen so many Christmas lights and displays in the neighborhood, a lot more than in years past. And it makes me a little happy, until I think, Oh sure, unemployed people have waaay more time on their hands to do things like decorate.


Cat said...

My back and neck and chest are all totally broken out, like, so bad I won't even let Gray see me naked anymore. Stupid fucking hormones. It's getting worse instead of better, under my hair, on my shoulders, I guess the only positive thing I can say is that they've (so far) left my face alone.
I'm not into this season either, at least not this year. I'd like to skip the whole kiboodle.

Lisa said...

I went Christmas shopping today and I noticed that there really weren't ANY crowds. I think a lot of people aren't really into the holidays this year. I have to participate because of the kids but I dread dealing with that tree....