Monday, December 22, 2008

A Little Something

I heard this on the radio while I was in Alaska for Mom's funeral. It made me laugh when I really needed it. I don't know who read it, but if it's the author, Jonathan Goldstein, then he sounds a lot like Mo Rocca. Please to enjoy. *bows*


Susan said...

I L-O-V-E Jonathan Goldstein. He's one of us Canadians ya know eh ? here's a link to his weekly show Wiretap on my fav (and lifeline) CBC radio. I think you can listen to repeats of his show here. His long time girlfriend Heather O'Neil often reads one of her stories on the show and they are always amazing ... I think you'd like her. Her first novel is called Lullabies for Little Criminals. Merry Whatever ... to you dear J. Hope you have much peace and love around you and NSA and cats. It's been a hell of year hasn't it ?

Another book that's on my list is called Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser. I love the title because I do feel that this year I was broken, as sad and lost as I can imagine being. I'd like to believe that now I'm broken open.

much love from all of us xo
Susan, Winnie Dixon, Bleet, Oliver & Gus

anya said...

J, dear girl...I know it's been a shitty year. Ya' know, some years are just like that. But, like Susan, I hope you find a little peace in the coming year. I just know you're primed to find it...or make it.

I don't know if you're the hugging type, but nevertheless, I'm sending you a big one tonight.

anya said...

One more thing, J. I just read that piece by Jonathan Goldstein. That was the best. I loved it.