Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pictures of My Cat

Yeah, that's what I'm reduced to. Not actually, though. I'm thinking about everything everyone else is thinking about (the New Year, resolutions, year-in-review, etc.), I just don't feel like writing about any of it, not right now at least. So I thought I would introduce you to the newest member of the family.
This is Yin Yin. She's adorable, isn't she? She was my mom's cat, one of the two I had to take to the shelter when I was there in September. I felt hideously guilty, especially since her pal, a long-haired Siamese boy, was adopted right away. She basically just hid in that scary environment, so there wasn't much hope of her finding a home. I told myself, and NSA, that if she was still there when I went back, then I was going to bring her with me. And I did, even though we have two cats already and NSA is slightly allergic.
She's a little thing, about five pounds, half the size of my other two. Jezebel and Delilah, big, grey tabbies, are like linebackers compared to Yin Yin's calico/Siamese ballerina. And they're jealous, of course, but they're getting over it since she's pretty inoffensive. They give kitten kisses, and she doesn't, so they've got that, but she is a real cuddler, often in my lap and sleeping on top of me.
We've really bonded. I don't know if it's because I smell similar to Mom, or if it's just because I'm the nice lady who rescued her from the bad place. But she's one good, tiny thing that's come out of the bleak morass of the past few months.
I like the glowy shadow effect the camera gives when she moves around during the low light function.
(teh flash is TOO bright!! it makes me squinchy-eyed.)


Susan said...

She is stunningly beautiful. So great that you brought her home to stay with you. Sweet Oliver always sleeps on me as well. My soft calico blanket.

All the best and much, much more to you and your family from all of us. xo Susan

Cat said...

I love the markings on her face, she's like a patchwork quilt. Tiny cats are my favorite, if I can be said to have a favorite of something I generally dislike, but they're so little and dainty - somehow they're less offensive to me.

PS - you have to add a "follow" function to your site so I won't keep forgetting to check in woman!

anya said...

Good for you for bringing that girl home. She's a sweet little gift from your mom.

By the way....I never call them "resolutions". Geez...that word sets off too much pressure!