Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Home of Our Own

I've said before, when Mom died, she left a huge mess behind. And, actually, a reluctance to deal with this mess might be part of why she died. But that's a sort of pop-psychology, avoidance issue thing that I may or may not write about later. In any case, due to an unpaid loan situation, I thought my mom had lost the rights to her land and house, and was only living there because no one wanted to kick a poor old lady out, which could have happened. I was also wicked disappointed because the monies owed were less than 10% of the value of the land, a pretty raw deal. As it turns out, I was wrong, and I am so happy about that.
There is a bit of money owed, a debt to an acquaintance of Mom's who paid property taxes for her, but I have the opportunity to pay off the debt and keep the land where Mom, my little brother Edward, and my grandmother are buried. So that's a very good thing. I've never owned anything worth that much either. To find myself a homeowner, even due to such unhappy circumstances, is rather exciting.
It's not much of a place, 2 1/4 acres of boggy land and an unfinished house with no water or plumbing, jury-rigged electricity and a wood stove for heat. And no driveway to speak of. And twenty-five years worth of hoarded junk, vermin, and cat shit, that makes the place basically uninhabitable. But the structure itself is fairly sound, it has lots of windows and there's a large garden and raspberry patch. So, yes, I have my work cut out for me, not completely sure I'm equal to the task, but hey, gotta give it a try and see what happens. And if I sound deeply ambiguous, it's because I am.


Me said...

To me this is fascinating. A few months ago you were looking for a change...things were uncertain and you were thinking about a move. Now, it would appear a path is being formed in answer to those questions.

When things like this happen to me it makes me believe I am where I am supposed to be.

I hope you take us readers along for the ride. This is getting good!

Susan said...

OMG J. I step away for maybe
24 hours and you're over having a post-a-thon. Wow ! I think this is tres exciting. Raspberries, land, lots of windows, fresh air... Hey !!
2009 ... here we come.

quel astrological sign ??

lots of love, S & les Gang

K said...

How interesting, J. Are you thinking of fixing it and moving in to live? Whatever you have in mind, I'm glad you've got it. Me might be right..fascinating that it is all coming down just when you thought you'd die without a move.