Sunday, March 2, 2008

7 Things

  1. I have a thing about secrets and deception. I know this is because of how I grew up, but part of it is that I like mystery, I'm afraid of being too well-known. It's a problem that I deal with and I think it's part of why I started blogging, it's easier for me to be honest anonymously.
  2. I'm a one-day Jeopardy! champion. Only one day because I got greedy and made a stupid mistake.
  3. I tell people I'm half Italian, but I'm not really, I'm only a quarter (see item #1), because in my mind, half is more interesting than just a quarter.
  4. I've never told my father about my stripping or Internet modeling, but my mom knows. Again, a secrets thing. There's quite a bit my dad doesn't know, actually.
  5. I wasn't there when my childhood dog, Belle, died. My beautiful, Husky/Australian Shepherd mix, my blue-eyed blonde. I regret that a lot. I wasn't there when my Gramma Lee died either, but at least she could understand why.
  6. I look good in all sorts of hats; cloche, baseball, beret, cowboy. My face and head shape just allow me to look cute in hats.
  7. I let my cats French kiss me. NSA finds this disgusting, but I do it anyway. I rescued them when they were only about a month old and bottle-fed them, and they would suckle on my earlobes and lips. I felt more self-conscious about it until I saw a clip on America's Funniest Home Videos of a guy letting his cat drink from his mouth.

This is pathetic, but truly, I can't come up with five bloggers to tag. My friends don't blog, and most of the blogs I read are pretty well-known and I doubt the writers would respond.


Susan said...

hey J,

Nice to know 7 more things about you and your life. And I completely understand the not wanting to tag other bloggers I felt the same way (I tagged only people who I had a blogging relationship with) and I think I prefaced most comments "tagging" people with "if" you choose to accept. I've been aware of this tagging game for some time and in some way was wanting, desiring "someone" to tag me and then when someone finally did ... I ended up thinking ... this is kind of a drag. Be careful what you wish for yet again ...

Hugs and buried in snow and cold,
S & Winn

Susan said...

Bleet Ness is also a french kisser and I love it. I always tell him that kitten kisses protect you from badness.