Monday, March 24, 2008

Cannibalism and Other Happy Thoughts

It's absolutely gorgeous today, 76 degrees and full-on sunshine. I have a couple of vacation days at the end of the week, must be why I don't feel so resentful being stuck inside. Of course, I don't know how relaxing those days will be since my mother will be here. I just have to try to enjoy her, not to have any expectations and try to put aside the "this may be the last time I see her alive" thoughts. Fearful anticipation can ruin a lot.
I bought a Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper this afternoon, 'cause it sounds kind of disgusting, but I was intrigued. I make food and drink choices like that sometimes, things that test my tolerance levels. Visiting France when I was young, I felt compelled to try a horse burger, even though I was repelled by the thought. It didn't taste much different to me than beef, but I had to find out. I think it must be some sort of perverse response, or maybe not, since there is wide variety in what people call lunch. It's actually pretty tasty (the soda, not the horse), not overly sweet and a nice chocolate flavor. I'd buy it again.
I guess my willingness to try new things is why the thought of cannibalism always sort of intrigued me. I feel weird admitting it, it is such a taboo, and no doubt some people will think I'm completely "out there," but the Donner party, Alive, and Stranger in a Strange Land were always more interesting than repellent. There's also this account that made me feel less weird. I like the argument that communion, that ultimate Christian sacrament, is cannibalistic at it's core. After all, it is supposed to be the flesh and blood of Christ, consumed in remembrance. I know, I know, it's purely metaphorical, but there is a touch of the vampiric about it. And then I have to question, Why did Christ choose that way to be remembered? I mean, couldn't he have just had the disciples say a prayer or something? Or maybe he deliberately chose something that would make an impact, definitely something they would remember. At least he didn't make them eat a bug.


Susan said...

I do so love your weird, all over the place stream of consciousness posts ... and this one certainly fits the bill.

Diet Chocolate Cherry Dr. Pepper ! Wow ! Only in America ! That's a lot to fit on a can.

It should have been a bug. No wait, that would be way too many bugs killed in the name of Christ. I'm quite a big bug fan.

Hugs from the still frozen North, xo, S.

Lisa said...

The bug line is VERY funny. The idea of eating a bug is so repulsive.

Susan said...

Hope you get to do something fun on your two vacation days and your extra long weekend ! xo, S & Miss Dixon & les chats.