Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Princess of Anything

Like most girls, I spent a lot of time growing up pretending to be a princess, fantasizing about life in a castle, dreaming of marrying a handsome prince who would be tall and dark. I didn't want to be queen, the queen had responsibilities, she had to run the country while the king was away at war or being held for ransom or whatever. I wanted a carefree, happy life. And while bad things often happened to princesses, everything was okay in the end.
I knew early on that life wasn't a fairy tale, I didn't have many delusions about "happily ever after," but a part of me did always believe that things would turn out okay. When Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband, a nominal prince of some type, said that he had considered adopting Anna Nicole Smith so that she could be a princess, I understood her desire. The trashy Texan didn't necessarily want to be royalty, didn't want the responsibility of leading a nation or making hard decisions, or even the obligation of attending state functions, but the feeling of being treasured. Cared for. Special.
Yesterday was my birthday. And there were a few people who made me feel like a princess, Princess of Anything, if only for a day. Thank you.


Susan said...

hear ya J. After years and years of a very independent and totally self reliant life. I find when things seem overwhelming to me, or when I feel very sad - I've never actually wished to be a Princess specifically ... but Oh how I've wished, how nice would it be if someone else would look after me for a change. There are times, thankfully not that often, when I just feel so tired of dealing with everything - myself.

I'm sure Princesses are looked after by a staff of kind & caring people.

Hugs and ice pellets, S & Winn

Lisa said...

Happy birthday. Mine is in a few days as well.