Friday, March 14, 2008

What Did She Do To Her FACE!?!!

OMG!! I'm not a huge Lara Flynn Boyle fan, she's always been too thin for my taste and her and Jack Nicholson as a couple creeped me out, but I have watched Law & Order for as long as it's been on the air (since the George Dzundza days). So I recorded Wednesday's episode (I love, love, love DVR!!) and watched it last night. She was listed in the credits, but at first, I didn't recognize her! My first thought was, "Was she in some horrible accident?" I mean, I understand cosmetic surgery, there are a few procedures I'd have myself (do you hear me, hips?), and I don't blame celebrities for getting work done, but HOLY FUCK! How much pressure did this woman feel to end up looking like that?
It looks like she got collagen in her lips. Okay, not great, "trout pout" is pretty common, everybody wants Angelina's mouth. But she had the lines between her mouth and nose (interlabial lines) completely erased, which is totally unnatural and freakish looking. It also looks like she had fat injections or possibly implants in her cheeks, and her forehead is suspiciously wrinkle-free. I was distracted just watching her puffy immobility. She looked completely artificial, I cringed every time her face was on screen.
I'll admit, I like speculating on who's had what work done, I love "before and after" articles, I love people like Joan Rivers who can make fun of themselves for all the plastic surgery they've had, but it's sad and scary when a relatively young, successful, beautiful woman feels so desperate and insecure that she subjects herself to multiple operations chasing some phantom ideal.
Cosmetic surgery done well should leave everybody guessing, did she or didn't she?, and I adore George Clooney for admitting having his eyes done, but unless you're into radical body modification, your surgeon or someone close to you should counsel moderation.

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