Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dream Interpretations

I watched Eastern Promises over the weekend, which was pretty good, even if my dearest husband did figure out Nikolai's mystery about a third into the movie. I absolutely adore Viggo Mortensen, have ever since he played Lucifer in The Prophecy, I don't think there's ever been a sexier/scarier devil (maybe Tim Curry in Legend.) Anyway, the movie gave me some interesting dreams, mostly having to do with other people getting what they want from me, while I get nothing in return and end up feeling helpless and angry. One scenario involved me having to build a twenty-foot tall stool out of clay, and the only way it seemed I would be able to do this was by sitting on the stool while constructing it beneath me, a seemingly impossible task. I told my husband I thought this symbolized the unrealistic expectations that work has recently put on me. He had a more succinct explanation. He said, "Maybe it means you won't get anything accomplished until you get off your ass."

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