Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Random Bits

There are some people on this planet that I just want to ask, "Could you please not be such a dickhead? It is possible for you to moderate your dickheadishness a bit?"

From my dearest husband, regarding the annoying petitioners outside of grocery stores: "You know what petition I'd sign? I'd sign a petition that would get your ass a real job!"

Life on Mars is down to the last few episodes, sigh, but Torchwood has a new season starting Jan. 26th, yay! John Barrowman is dead sexy, and, no, I don't care that he's gay.

Does anyone else think that if something has half the fat of the regular version, that just means you can eat twice as much?

I don't get why people think Sophia Coppola is such a genius. I mean, if your daddy was a famous director, odds are, you could make a passable movie too.

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