Friday, January 4, 2008

More Sucking

FUUUUCK!!! Pardon while I shake my head and take a few deep breaths to help quell my exasperation. Just so you're warned, this is a rant.

So last year, I did really well for the company I work for. I personally know that I suck as an employee, but, according to their standards, I'm excellent. Wonderful. I love putting more money in the pockets of people who are already rich beyond belief. The "challenge" then, for this year, is to do even better, meaning, even more money for them, and more stress and headaches for me. This is my reward for doing so well, the "opportunity" to try and reach the unrealistic goals they have set for 2008. You know what would be nice? A performance-based bonus, say, maybe .5% of the profit that I earned for them last year, that would be motivational. But if I were to receive such a bonus, then I would probably leave this shit behind, because I could afford to. Where do the greedy bastards of the world get off? How do they possibly justify their need for more and more and more money? "Little Johnny can't possibly drive last year's model Porsche, how would that look to the neighbors?"

I am SO tired of working for grasping, avaricious, uncompassionate people. I'm tired of spending my talents and precious time for people who, frankly, are a waste of oxygen. They need the full-on Scrooge treatment, as if it would help. I hate the fact that I really need this job and that I'm probably going to have to bear with it for another year or two. But this is the promise I'll make myself: Every week, every day if possible, I will do something that furthers my goal of financial independence. I don't want to be reliant on these greedy motherfuckers for my livelihood.

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