Friday, January 11, 2008

Political Worries

The way things are going economically, I really, really hope that this country can elect a president that is able to handle the issues of the average American. I personally am worried about rising inflation and unemployment, the war in Iraq dragging on and on (and on), and how a recession will effect my job as well as my husband's disability benefits.
I don't like Bush at all, never had, he wasn't joking when he said his constituents were the rich and the ultra-rich, that's exactly who his policies, both foreign and domestic, have benefitted. I can't believe we've had to suffer with him for eight fucked-up years.
I'm concerned about the current crop of politicians. I like Obama and Edwards, I think fresh minds are exactly what we need in Washington, but I don't trust Rodham-Clinton, Guiliani or Romney. There's just too much baggage or disingenuity or plain old twofacedness among the three of them. I hate how McCain seems to have sold the rest of his soul in the desire to be President. Huckabee seems grounded, but the Southern Baptist conservative thing is really off-putting, and Fred Thompson, well, I think he'd do a good job acting as president.
I don't have faith that the American people will do what's best for themselves or the country. I don't honestly think that the U.S. is ready for a black or woman president. I'm afraid that the public will once again elect a man who will smile to our faces, reassure us that everything will be just fine, and continue to dig the country into an ever-increasingly deep, dark hole. I like the sunshine. Canada, anyone?

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Susan said...

hey J. it's funny ... I've been thinking a lot about the American election and have even considered commenting on it in my blog. It's fascinating really, you're country is fascinating in a weird, strange, TV kind of way. I can't quite wrap my mind around the fact that a man, a black man with a name so similar to Osama, a black man who actually looks more middle eastern than black, and whose grandmother apparently still lives in a hut in Kenya, has a very good chance of becoming the next President of the United States (bizarre) that or a woman (amazing). Don't get me wrong I think it's FANTASTIC - but talk about your swing of the pendulum. Let's just pray that the American population comes to their freakin' senses come November. They took away my HBO, drag, I'd love to be following this election along with Bill Maher.

You'd be amazed at how most Canadians are riveted to American politics and especially Nov 2008. The U.S. is our big, bad, bully to the south.